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  1. universeunited

    Question Paradox Universe

    A creature evolves to a better version to overcome obstacles on Earth; obstacles occur when a creature evolves. The universe is a paradox and because of that, it is infinite and because it is infinite, it is a paradox. That is why we cannot determine a beginning and an end of a universe. A...
  2. X

    Partial Universe Theory with observations on Black Holes, Dark Matter & the Big Bang

    I'm curious to see how much the Webb telescope will prove or disprove my ideas once it is up & running. The Universe: The Universe is very old. Older than anyone has thought. Our Big Bang which occurred over 13 + Billion years ago is just a ripple in the time stream that is the Universe’s...
  3. Thomas Likes Space

    Question Why are the universes in the multiverse soo small?

    The multiverse is maybe as big as the universe but still has more universes inside? How does this happen? How do the universes shrink inside the multiverse?
  4. guhborda

    Perception of time out of visible Universe

    If what do we see, looks like realtime very fluid with an flow, in an apprehensible view for us, (I don't know how is the perception of time for an ant or an snail if there is), and yet the atoms look extremely fast to us, and the universe extremely slow, how could be the perception of the time...
  5. Thomas Likes Space

    Question Is there multiverse?

    Intro Hey whats up, space guys. Thomas here with another cool question! Back to the question! So, a multiverse is more universes put into eachother. People say: There is a sea of little balls containing universe. Because my mind was blown, i wanted to know. We know 5% of this universe (if there...
  6. Advent Guard Life

    The Universe Solar-System comes after the Big-Bang in space.

  7. guhborda

    Should we change the way of see the space around us?

    Respectfully is an honor to me post here, you may not know me, in fact I'm nobody, but how i see, made me think exactly like when Copernicus said that is earth who rotates around the sun, and not the opposite, the Universe, is exactly like us, like the sperms, like the molecules, like the...
  8. T

    The expansion of the Universe and analysis of our Universe

    Greetings, First of all, I am not a scientist. Nor do I work in the scientific field...If this is something that bothers you, you can leave right now if you wish to have insights only from experts. However all I can say is that I think, analyze and read a lot about science, space, nuclear...
  9. simpleorcomplex

    What is the composition of Universe in terms of types of stars?

    There are - Main Sequence Stars - Red Giants - White Dwarfs - Red Dwarfs - Neutron Stars and other types of Stars. How many % of stars are Main Sequence? How many are Red Giants? and so on. I searched around and found some info, but it's confusing me. For example, I found that 90% stars are...
  10. lcarlson

    Welcome students, parents and educators!

    Hi there! You're probably here because schools are closed in many places around the world right now. We're glad you came by. This forum is for student questions or projects. We'll help you find the answers you need to keep learning! Space.com is loaded with amazing facts and info on all sorts...
  11. Takeoverangels

    Stopping time

    Is there any type of force or particle scattered about the universe that would cause time to stop in that area? Thank
  12. T

    Expansion of The Universe

    I have been into the whole space scene for about 2 years now! It’s amazing to learn something new everyday in this community but here’s a question that may be a dumb one lol. When we say the universe is expanding are we saying just the trillions of galaxies are getting further apart or are is it...