Should we change the way of see the space around us?

Dec 31, 2020
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Respectfully is an honor to me post here, you may not know me, in fact I'm nobody, but how i see, made me think exactly like when Copernicus said that is earth who rotates around the sun, and not the opposite, the Universe, is exactly like us, like the sperms, like the molecules, like the bacterias, like the atoms, in fact, all we see, is an another kind of equivalent union of the space, to form another kind of life, we could be in an leaf of a grass of this new environment where the union of this or that galaxy create an unique material that we can NEVER find out at least not in this counciousness.
if we dwell another planet, and if we ever get close, the "being" that all this cluster of stars and planets form, may use or not its defense system to prevent it, just as its antibodies serve to prevent any foreign body from entering your body. and damage your system, everything in the universe works like this, we need to change the way space is seen, think that there is nothing beyond what we can see, everything we see as a star and planets, form some kind of life that we are unable to want imagine, because it would be necessary to see how they do, just as the ant needs to see how we see in order to understand the world in which it lives and which we can see and it cannot, and like the ant, it is impossible for us to see and understand the type of life and field-space that all that we see forms.
We could be part of an"being" or just be in the air of this kind of "being" and space. perhaps they're already seing the future of the earth as a result of the relativity of the time, or maybe they can't percept us for be relatively "young" and not have tecnology to se in an "atomic" level. Well to anyone who read till here this is my way of see the universe thank you , I'm Brasilian and sorry for my english. A great 2021 to everyone
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