1M A.D. is like TNG's Federation

Earth gvmt may still be there, the idea is to leave Supernovas not returning, even 50 LYs away from Betelgeuse is 2x survival odds. 150 LY away is a good new barycentre.
You need neuroimaging before a Rigel, each ill person decreases long-term survival odds 1%. I make list next century of tech you might or might not want me to start in 900 yrs.
Good armour is almost there. Diamond NRs hard, antimatter shielding Earth hard, a metal mesh out at Alpha Centauri Lys across is hard. Quebec will leave for supplies. Pick up people before the 16000 AD foreshock, and head out of the plane to near a communications wormhole. 15M people stay with me while I learn to awaken a Dauphin. The rest come back to the Baryocentre and kill off mentally ill people and probably take gvmt and make you fit for Rigels. I can restart at 1/2 the speed at 5 other wormholes. Here and now, I'm hoping for clay or a soil type, coal, found on the asteroid. Brain mutation people can easily be left in 10000 yrs, like Democritus and he may have spread wild hunting animals everywhere.
GJ_3512 is my 1st star, towards Muscida. It has captured a planet right away; a site for charging batteries. The basket of technical targets I'll offer 2150AD include:
1) Antimatter batteries (Not liking propulsion). 2) Metal shielding made in super-Jupiter fields. 3) Shower catching corundum shielding (neuroimaged fleet). 4) Magnetic-Light conversion. 5) Particle Beam torch for cutting core fragments (for hi survival areas use only). 6) Meta material shape-changing air filters (much is quantum). 7) Making rings of ice moons is there but with staggered rocky worlds requires varyingly better alloys of metal pipe strung through the objects. 8) Arcturus is for clams after the supernova, but anything before is possible at mid-mountain altitudes. The top is radioactive and pollutes any soil made. 9) Diamond nanorods. 10) Dimaond pattern recognition ship sensors are more durable than sapphire. 10) Handling a radioactive Ag asteroid; Sirius is too flarey or I'd consider it; GJ gives me a super Jupiter I assume with a smaller range of radiation to harness than is a heavy metal source. Mag-lev your horses becomes easier outside the heliopause, looks tricky during a fast ship.
Addenum: CJ has magnetic dampening w/ its Super Jupiter. It is the best metallurgy and charging source within 50 LYs. Lesser cell energy source than Procyon still is longevity R+D. Homeworld is 0.6atm 0.8g -40C granite w/ sulfur fumes. -30C is bad and assumed 0C fatal. A Ceres Moon able to be heated from -80C, the base for terraforming away the sulfur w/ stable axis spin. A Callisto for ecosystems and an Enceladus for mining w/out radiation. Inner sulfur acid ice moon dried out to solid fluoride and is pushed out despite decaying orbit. Habitable Zone too close to nausea gravity. Worse UV output than Sol every 170 yrs for a decade. Fluori might save you from a decaying orbit or protect the star. I'll leave w/ Courier de Bois next century if a sulfur solution, the air is Nitrogen it resembles Mars.
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...avg of only one granite/Nitrogen Earth-G world within 50 LYs, 3 if ignoring N. It is the most survivable world within 45 LYs. Like Mars but active geology. No water, the sulfur is in veins in the granite and everywhere else. 50% of worlds have sulfur, 33% Ammonia. There are 6 more to 150LYs away from Betelgeuse. Fluorine and ethylene atmospheres, toxic methane but useful as fuel. Being the easiest magnetic charging super Jupiter around, it will be able to use the utility for manufacturing of the utility system themselves for export. 20% of electricity in the federation at 1st, and as much if a radioactive Sirius asteroid is harnessed. The Ceres moon can't have to much added mass and must be air-blasted a layer of Sulfur. I'll take 50 for 125 yrs to make a permanent settlement up to 1M. 1/2 the homeworld and the Callisto are ment is bio-preserves, it will be hard to get started w/ animals. Is a 2g planet useless enough it is geology of 1/2 a gas giant burnt out and 1/2 earth's core. You'll have to decide whether to go for 1/3 diameter of Rigel Suns, or Sols. The former have loot and radiation. The homeworld has been solidly impacted and has buried asteroid ore. I will turn the eco-protected system over to Earth when I find somthing better, w/out Titan it would be better survival than Sol system for Betelgeuse. I'll add a Sulphur Ammonia in situ hub in the farm land away from Windsor. It is close enough to the USA rust belt to spawn hubs there when observatories find rocky world atmospheres away from Betelgeuse.
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