1st black hole ever imaged by humans has twisted magnetic fields and scientists are thrilled

It is a composite image. The scene is too large to see at one time, they must take several exposures, moving the camera slightly after each one, then stitching them together to get the composite image.
I think they are observing a braid or a weave, and calling it a twist. A helical motion mistaken for a funnel motion. And I believe the math DSP used on the data is being misapplied, because the math used is for EM angular fields, instead of linear EM propagated fields.

And I believe my comment applies to all images of far away space. And leads to FAR OUT theories that are allowed to be called scientific.

Natural rotations are never pi rotations. This is because the origin of a natural rotation is always in motion. Therefore the arc of rotation is always 3D. The C/D ratio is always larger than 3.14.

And if the rotational origin movement is oscillatory, the arc is helical. Such as a particle, or a solar system....or galaxy.

The motion of mass in space is helical. But we won't detect it from the stars. This realization will come from nano and pico material tech. And hopefully from that tech, someone will see the true dynamic of light. And this insane science fiction about spacetime will cease.

All change requires a change in motion. Motion is the ONLY change there is.

Motion is a property of every physicality. Our science calls this.......energy.


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