2024 Eclipse travel to Canada

I've worked out some starting spots for planning to watch the eclipse from Canada. 1.2x from USA with better weather options.
1) Starting from Windsor. Is likely deluged from Detroit but that's it. Is wide open farmland south. Best binocs start. IDK if I can get to them by bike. No trees south of Windsor.
2) Starting from Hamilton. T.O skyline will be magical moreso. Brantford is quieter. I'm not sure the views from the road from the airport into town. Red Hill Creek is open factory lands. Burlington might be packed.
3) Starting from T.O. USA, and Hamilton lights might be visible. The view from W.Churchill park might be treed. East out to 40 km is easy enough logistics.
4) Starting from Montreal. I like Summit Hill or any open parks south. The Monts will be spectacular. Locals know south of the city. Rigaud sadly not there.
5)Trois Rivieres. Maybe a hotal room and future fiance. Quieter.
NB and Niagara Falls will be nuts as will the music in Detroit.
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