A Happy Thanksgiving to All


To all who celebrate Thanksgiving, may yours be happy and safe!

Typically, I spend this day watching a lot of American football, but I found out that my local cable provider (Comcast/XFinity) is having a free TV week where you can watch channels that you normally have to pay for and I found that the series From The Earth to the Moon is available, so I'll be watching that instead.

If you have HBO/HBOMax or are a Comcast/XFinity customer, I strongly recommend it!

-Wolf sends
Nov 3, 2020
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I wanted to spend Thanksgiving with my family, but the current situation did not allow it. Last year I got tired of the attention of my family during the holidays, and now, when I am deprived of this, I do not have enough. It's a little sad, but it's a great reason to rethink your values, to re-evaluate what you have.
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