A Thanksgiving sun treat: Big sunspot rotates into view

yes indeed, a very good sight looking at AR2786 and plage area around it. AR2785 and AR2783 easy to see using my 90-mm refractor, glass white solar filter at 40x with #12 Yellow filter. Some family members enjoyed the telescope views of the large sunspot areas today for Thanksgiving at my house too. It looks like AR2786 ~ 1' or more larger angular size so perhaps 3-4 earth diameters or so. AR2786 slowly rotated into view a few days ago and the sunspot groups are moving across the disk of the Sun as the Sun spins. The Sun is growing more active now in solar cycle 25. I get most of my reports on solar activity from https://www.spaceweather.com/ Another site I use, https://theskylive.com/

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