Advanced Spacecraft and Secret Science

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What if the dogma of General Relativity was used to hide phenomena that directly contradicts it? To build advanced spacecraft you would need phenomenon which showed you forces and relationships that you didn’t suspect.

Put yourself in 1945 in America. Every person in America had lived within a military state which had achieved total secrecy in multiple scientific fields. No one would dispute this description and most would say it was benign and necessary. Not a peep from the Main Street Media.

Move farther back to April 1st 1939. A force is discovered in gravimeters operated by the Texas Company at multiple latitudes and locations. A force which appears to align with Earth’s direction of motion around the Sun (not absolute motion through the universe). This would invalidate both GR and the Michelson Morley experiment.

In the present, the term inertia is a placeholder. You can calculate it, you can measure it, but no one can tell you what it is. A force that is directed along a masses line of motion would definitely help you explain both inertia and motion.

A group of people had found phenomena that allowed them to build a new theory. A theory which is both more accurate and detailed than GR.

This theory has given them an understanding of gravitation, inertia and motion far beyond what passes for science in the public domain. They had two problems. One had to do with their illegitimate status within their respective governments. The second is that they needed time to develop the technology that this theory predicts.

Science bifurcated in 1945. Public science was dedicated to applying science and making products and money. Public scientific research still continued though it started losing momentum and became distracted and trapped by things like dark matter and string theory. Public science stagnates because it was robbed of the anomalous observations which leads to new science.
The Second Path that led from 1945.

“Where secrecy or mystery begins, vice or roguery is not far off.” Samuel Johnson

Only one thing is worse than a devil and that is an educated devil. George A Butterick

A rogue’s gallery of Rhodes Scholars and Nobel Prize Winners.

The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)

International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS)

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (an American Intelligence Agency).

Where to start, this isn’t a thread it is a tapestry.

As the Second Path’s theory filled out, more and more phenomenon had to be mislabeled, misfiled, or modeled out of raw data before anyone else could see it (IUGG and IERS). As other countries developed their own scientific infrastructure these had to be manipulated, bullied, or even infiltrated.

The CIA (inadvertently?) passed valuable scientific information to compromised scientists in communist countries. This information would allow specific individuals to rise within their respective scientific hierarchies. The goal of this intelligence was not to get secrets from these countries. The goal was to maintain control of phenomenon for the Second Path. American secrets were just a commodity for the Second Path.

Are you wondering what American Counterintelligence was doing? The creation of the FBI was by several American power centers bringing all the investigative powers that threatened them under one roof. That politically independent, totally corrupt organization, the Federal Bureau of Investigation would never investigate any of them in any serious manner.

The FBI are dangerous when they have numerical superiority and back up from State and Local officials. No individual has ever been successful against the FBI on American soil. I found martyrdom unappealing so I left.
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