Artemis 2 astronauts flying to the moon could phone home with ham radio

May 5, 2023
Article said, "...the main requirements would be adequate power and storage space for radio equipment..."
This seems to be magnifying these issues solely to create drama.
The "adequate power and storage space" are pretty much irrelevant. ALL the radio hardware needed to provide Amateur Radio connection is already designed and integrated into the ship as part of its regular radio inventory. All they have to do is set the appropriate frequencies which are well within the spectrum of frequencies already available to the radios and antenna arrays on the ship.
Similarly for the power requirements. Communication to the moon and back on these frequencies actually requires very little power and should be well within the capabilities of Artemis' existing energy budget.
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May 14, 2023
3 astronauts aboard Artemis 2 are certified amateur radio operators. Will communications with ham radio operators extend from the International Space Station to the moon?

Artemis 2 astronauts flying to the moon could phone home with ham radio : Read more
99% of all astronauts who get licensed (Technician) do not renew after their license expires, unless they're going up on another mission around that time. It just seems to be a "license of convenience" for them.
About the only time(s) they're on the radio is for pre-scheduled school contacts (which are a good thing, too), but they don't seem to have any incentive to get on and make just 'casual' contacts with regular hams during what little 'off' time they have. It's not forbidden, they just don't do it. I wouldn't expect to hear many (if any) 'casual' contacts from Artemis 2.

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