Aug 25, 2020
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Before one way missions to Mars (settlement) won't we need to do long duration missions with Mars artificial gravity in LEO? Starship may provide reasonable cost ability to build structure to do this. Orbital Assembly (spin off from Gateway foundation) has some proposals for this. If 3rd parties don't do this won't SpaceX have to do it before executing their settlement plans?

SpaceX plans include the idea of big waves of starships used for mass settlement. In the build up to doing this, Starships will need to be stockpiled (for the 2 year launch window). With all that excess capacity, won't it make sense to do things like building space hotels/stations complete with artificial gravity. I feel that I don't see enough ambitious plans beyond satellite constellations to take advantage of projected highly reduced cost of payload to orbit. Elon has talked about point to point use of starships for on planet Earth travel which could use some capacity. But I think the age of thinking bigger in building up space infrastructure should start to arrive with advent of Starship if its reusability goals are achieved.

BTW, I did witness a successful landing of Starship prototype SN-10 today with an unfortunate post landing RUD. But I feel like I am witnessing Henry Ford's model T being developed 100 years after him but with a Space vehicle rather than a car. Elon is building the model T of Spaceships and it should have a dramatic impact on space development.
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