Background, foreground, open system, closed system, different physics, mentioned and yet not mentioned!

An interesting article but try to see if you can spot where / what the dimensions of background, foreground, open system, closed system, make differing orders of physics (if orders is even the right term for it):

A Correction to Einstein Hints At Evidence for String Theory | Quanta Magazine

How many dimensions are there to background? To foreground? To open system? To closed system?

How many points to the background horizons, including the Planck horizon as background though it is within us; within, but to the farthest reaches away of the microcosm, as well (including it being the one and the same horizon of Big Crunch / Big Bang)?

If you observe a string a certain way of differing dimension (reducing dimensionality or sort of end on (going outside in)), it is a 0-point horizon (a singularity (on the way to "naked singularity" (far past relativity's breakdown and into dimensions of universes not our own))).

What is the overall dimensionality where there are too many spaces, too many times and histories (pasts (-) - futures (+)), too many paths, too many universes, too many strings and/or points, to count? (+/-) '1' (infinity) (constant!). The Cosmological Constant is base2 base, '0' and/or (+/-) '1'.
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Woke up this early morning to the realization (yet again) that if we and our entire universe (u) exist within a flat disk event horizon of black hole, and there is no maximum size of such event horizon (tending toward vertical infinities up and out), then there is no minimum size of such event horizon either (thus tending toward vertical infinities down and in). The irresistible force (welling to infinities of welling) of the immovable object (Universe (U) (analogous to the Serpinsky Carpet and Menger Sponge of Chaos Theory)): At once an alternative facet and entity, the Big Mirror, mirroring to infinities of universes (u) within.

But as Chaos Theory has it, all that infinite verticality of planes does reduce to a singularly paralleling self-similarity of planes, the "flatly smooth" (a. k. a. "hot" among other things) and the "lumpy clumpy" (a. k. a. "cold" among other things).

Infinite / infinitesimal / point (singularity) (particle) / plane (field) (wave) / string / loop / blackhole / wormhole / universe (u) / event horizon / jet horizon / Planck horizon.

(Planck) Big Crunch (M) | Big Vacuum ((C) (C^2)) | (Planck) Big Bang (E). (M = E / C^2) (C^2 = E / M) (E = M x C^2).

Again: The Cosmological Constant is base2 base, '0' and/or '1' ((+/-) '1'). The constant of infinity (horizontal and vertical (broad and deep) 'background') is '1'.

It's a Multiverse Universe (U).
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