Best alien invasion games of all time

Wizard of Wor is my 5-10 min game but it glitches DOS. No homesticking. Star Raiders is still good and taking hits after visiting a Starbase will be a handicap. I didn't beat Volfied until an adult: a territory annexing timed map. Arkanoid traps you in a metal labrinth whereas the non-space near-clone Super Breakout has an excellent descending bricks level. Daedalus Opus is a Gameboy puzzle game of 5 square tetris pieces filling a board. It resembles space radiation armour.
I will make a space disaster/colony game but layered size-scrolling planet surface levels is as good as it gets without anti-nausea drugs. Sega Saturn was optimized for scrolling better than javascript Canvas. A Dragon Warrior monster fights of space disasters might be too addictive a distraction as a game scene.