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Best TV Shows for Science Geeks


Science, without a doubt, rules. Or at least, that’s what those of us who grew up with Bill Nye the Science Guy learned when we were young. Science opens up the possibilities and lets us see the world for what it truly is: amazing! If you’re jonesing for a TV show that embraces science in all its wonder, here are some top picks. This is, of course, nothing close to an exhaustive list, but they’re all good places to start.


1. Eureka
The show Eureka showed us science geeks what we all truly want: a place where those who love science to gather, learn, experiment, and create. The show follows the sheriff of Eureka, a secret, futuristic town where brilliant minds live and work. Of course, with brilliant minds and crazy technology comes a few mishaps. You’ll quickly fall in love with the sometimes wacky characters and wish that you could join them in their hijinxs.


2. Star Trek
Space. The final frontier. The place we all want to explore but are only able to do vicariously through the crews of the Star Trek series. Whether you’re a Kirk or Picard fan, every episode and every iteration of Star Trek brought something new to the sci-fi world and gave us permission to imagine the seemingly impossible.

3. Mythbusters
Who doesn’t love explosions with a sprinkle of science on top? For years, the Mythbusters brought us crazy stories, unlikely outcomes, and simple science that made viewers want to get out there and start experimenting. While the show is vastly entertaining, it also relies on the scientific method: hypothesizing, developing an experiment, testing, and replicating the results. Whether a myth was busted or confirmed, every episode will have you walking away feeling like you learned something.

4. Doctor Who
Ah, the show that inspired the obsession of millions. Between the time travel, wacky science, heartwarming (and breaking) storylines, and a cast of characters that never fail to make you smile, Doctor Who is one of those unique shows that packs a punch with every episode. No matter who “your” doctor is or where you start, you’ll always feel like you want to look at the world differently after you’ve seen the Doctor do what doctors do best: fix the world.


5. Cosmos
Both the original Cosmos with Carl Sagan and the revival featuring Neil Degrasse Tyson were revolutionary shows that inspired kids and adults alike to keep looking up. As a show dedicated to teaching the masses about the vastness of the universe, Cosmos continuously challenged our Earth-centric thinking and forced us to look beyond - far beyond. The enthusiasm of the hosts is infectious and just might make you rethink your career path.

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