Beyond the Crab Nebula

Oct 29, 2020
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Can our instruments see what Star systems are the other side of the Crab Nebula and if so what are they? I cannot see anything online that might explain.

I have the Stellarium program for my Macbook but struggling to get the basics understood.

Many thanks.
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I viewed the Crab Nebula or M1 a number of times last year using my 10-inch Newtonian (most recent 11/02/2019). I plan to enjoy some more views later this year too. Very nice views but I cannot resolve the pulsar near the center or so or see the great detail like HST images reveal. The Crab Nebula is some 6 to 7 arcminute angular size as determined by telescopes. M1 has specific celestial coordinates that define its position on the sky. Observing star systems on the other side of the nebula requires specific coordinate positions relative to the Crab Nebula. Such star systems would need to be close to the center position used for M1. M1 has a distance from Earth and density too. Starry Night Pro Plus 8 shows a number of USNO stars close to M1 but these are very faint stars, some 16th magnitude or fainter so in my 10-inch, I cannot see those stars near M1 in angular separation.