Black holes and dark energy

May 30, 2024
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It has been proposed in recent articles that black holes could be the source of dark energy.

As dark energy is credited with involvement in pushing galaxies apart, in the expansion of the universe does this mean that dark energy is being credited with being in two places at once, ie, being in the middle of galaxies, in the galaxy black hole, and being outside of the galaxy.
While it seems plausible that BHs might exude space/energy as they might cool,
the quantity of energy and the mechanics of it don't seem to fit DE's prescription to me.

If waves of releasing space were rolling off BHs we should see some reduction in apparent gravity radiating around them. Ripples of space would have to be expanding outward from the massive BHs at their centers.
Delivering all that space/energy outward would seem to invert the gravity formations we see in galaxies.

Call me very skeptical.
Imo no, it's not a viable hypothesis.
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