Black Holes and the Evolution of the Universe

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Jan 28, 2024
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Some additional thought on my theory of How the Universe Works
Model Question (Are Total Matter and Total Energy Unchanged over Process)
One question with my model for “How the Universe Works” assumes that Total Energy and Total Matter in the universe are contant. This implies that Energy is never converted to Matter and Matter is never converted to Energy. Over time, it is not a problem, if some Matter is converted to one of the forms of Energy and vice versa during the various conversions from Dark to Light and Light to Dark as long as the totals are returned to there starting point at the beginning of each cycle. My dilema with this prospect is the processes of nuclear fission and fusion. Some people assume that these processes convert matter into energy but I assume that they do not. Instead, I contend that they just release lots of force when one type of energy is converted to another type and that the total number atomic particles remains the same. For example, the strong and weak force are forms of Nuclear,Thermal and Chemical energy; electricity and magnetism are forms of Electromagnetic Energy; and sound, elastic, motion, and pressure are forms of Kinetic Energy. All of these types of energy are derived from the three basic forms of energy and gravity. Matter is basically just the 19 types of particles that are defined in the standard model for the atom. Nuclear energy includes several types of rays or radiation that result from the transition of elements into other types, but the combined number of particles that make up all dark matter and visible matter (elements) is unchanged and the combined amount of energy dark and visible is unchanged.
From the definitions provided below, it appears to me that Nuclear Explosions do not change matter into energy but just change the energy that holds subatomic particles together into elements into other forms of energy we call rays or fields.

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