Brightest quasar ever seen is powered by black hole that eats a 'sun a day

Nov 8, 2023
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Not commenting to split hairs, but because it matters for imagining the vastness in scale:
Article states width of 7 ly pertaining to the accretion disk of this monster -- 45,000 AU equivalence seems to be a typo. May be that a zero was dropped.

My (possibly incorrect) quick calc gives 7 ly = approx. 450,000 AU. Mindblowingly expansive, this 12B year old quasar.
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Some of the largest stars are measured by what planetary orbit of the Solar system they encompass.

This is a sphere the diameter of which is almost twice the distance to Alpha Centauri,
7 light years,

that is brain breakingly titanic.

Yet space is so huge and empty that it's just another day in astronomy.
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