Candi designs reviewed for 'Teacher in Space' Christa McAuliffe coin

Jun 24, 2020
As a Junior Engineer I was fortunate to work on the Shuttle's Main Engines for First Flight and over the years on other aspects of the engines (health monitor, Lab testing, etc.) I am so proud to say that something I touched flew on every mission.

When we lost Challenger I was so upset I could not work for the rest of the day. Then Columbia, I was they should have already "landed by now."

As an engineer I do my best every day to make sure that what I do is correct and I have not missed something or made a mistake.

The most important people in my life have been teachers. Whether it was my fourth grade teacher sending me to remedial reading class or my high school physics teacher or so many more that would take me pages to recount.

I know Christa was an inspiration to her students and touched many lives. I truly believe that she touched the future.

I thank all my teachers, her and all teachers for what they accomplish.

I look forward to seeing and holding the new coin. I would have loved to have meet her and thanked her personally.

Per Aspera Ad Astra