Canon RF 28-70mm f/2L USM lens review

I agree that it's "incredible", but only if you use like it was built to be used: on a full frame camera.

Using it on an R7 with a 1.6x crop factor reduces that 28-70mm f/2 to an equivalent 45-112mm f3.2.

Tamron has an excellent 35-135mm f2-2.8 for full frame. That's 1.4 stops faster than the Canon at the short end (which is shorter than the Canon goes) and 0.4 stops faster at the long end (which, again, is longer than the Canon).

So we're talking $1,800 vs $3,000 (rounded up to whole 10s), 1165g vs. 1430g. The combo of crop body and 28-70mm f/2 ends up heavier and more expensive than a FF body and the 35-135mm f/2-2.8. Yet the FF package ends up with 82mm filters vs. 95mm, and better coverage of the standard portrait focal lengths.

Trying to use super-fast, exotic lenses on crop bodies almost never makes sense.

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