Chaos reigns in detailed new views of Jupiter's icy moon Europa

May 4, 2020
Watch the, now edited, "colorful" language, please. Thank you.
Appreciate the overall journalism of space that you do, I have been a silent viewer for awhile but I comment here for a touch of respectful criticism. I usually speak as objectively as possible, but I say this with elements of subjectivity, so forgive me if I seem dramatic.

A lot of your articles break my heart, over and over again. Because of your misleading titles.

I understand "click-bait" and actually appreciate the tool when it is used in a fun way, but you guys use it to mislead the audience into thinking you have some BREAKING SPACE NEWS, but then when times comes to read the article its ALWAYS way way less amazing than your title says.

I reply on this thread for your latest title "Chaos reigns in detailed new views of Jupiters ice moon Europa"

YOU KNEW, that people that follow new findings about space have had their eyes on Europa because of its theoretical sub-surface ocean, a potential for other forms of life, a thing that is REALLY COOL. you grabbed that idea and said "Hey I wonder how to kick a guy in their hearts <<Removed by moderator>>?" success my friend. You make it seem there are new photographs of Europa making everyone click on your damn sadness of an article,

like the aunty that says something vague but amazing and you ask her "Is that really true wow!" and then to clarify she does a fart akin to a babies sneeze. You know what you're doing and its so regurgitating you have slowly made me tired of science and space making it seem like nothing is actually happening out there. (My own drive and happiness is my reason-ability I know)

Your kind of titles are used alongside Youtubers that say "GOT A CALL FROM THE REAL SANTA AT MIDNIGHT [GONE VIOLENT]"

Again, love those titles they are hilarious and stupid and everyone knows the content is NEVER what is said in the title.

But for <<Edited by moderator>> sake you are a news outlet for SCIENCE and SPACE, meant to be giving us the new breaking news on the latest discovers of science and space but a lot of the time your titles are always "too good to be true" and that is heart breaking to me.


- EUROPA: Scientists unearth data for next mission

- New ideas from old data about EUROPA.

- EUROPA's older data tells us newer information for next mission

Sorry if this was upsetting to you, refer back to my first paragraph and don't read the rest.
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