Chinese Rocket Launches 2 Satellites (and Drops Debris on Settlement)


Nov 25, 2019
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China's space agency launched two new navigation satellites into orbit Saturday (Nov. 23) in a successful mission that also appeared to send booster segments crashing into a settlement back on Earth.

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It sounds unsafe to have people living below a launch range, and slightly third world. But I have worked on oil platforms off Vandenburg AFB near Santa Barbara, CA. The Air Force announces a pending launch, and the oil companies send non-essential workers back to shore. The remaining workers go to a "safe place" built deep into the platform should anything land prematurely. This has never happened, but a solid booster exploded on the launch pad and the fume waived over the platform causing some respiratory threats.
Nov 28, 2019
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Well at least they didn't fire a Thor missile which malfunctioned 3 metres in the air and jettisoned a thermonuclear warhead another 30 metres from the pad which broke open and dumped radioactive material all over the launch site prompting a massive cleanup. Bluegill Prime. The list of abortive launches of the Thor vehicle was significant ... it was a dog of a thing.

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