Constellation' episodes 1-3 review: A well-made thriller that may be revealing its cards too soon

Feb 22, 2024
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Something in space causes some people to duplicate or crossover parallel planes .
The director of the ESO Irene Lysenko was duplicated when she was a cosmonaut. it is in fact her body that impacted the ISS.
Jonathon Banks a ex astronaut is also a duplicate , his counterpart doing PR while he pursues understanding and exploiting the phenomenon His experiments on the ISS confirming the effect.
Astronaut Jo Ericsson is also a product of the effect her original freeing the locking mechanism so her counterpart could return to earth in Soyes 1 . Now Jo is in a battle floating between two planes of existence .
The series is Technically well done. and that captures your attention right from the start. However it has a somewhat "Solaris" vibe to it.
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