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"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."
I am rather surprised by your definition of "Universe". I was brought up to believe that Universe meant "all there is", not to mention all there was or ever shall be. Thus any system within "The Universe" might be termed "miniverse" or "semiverse" or possibly some other diminutive appellation. I find it very "off-putting" to see smaller or multiple versions of "all that exists" etcetera. Conversely, you might call "our Universe" by one of these diminutives, but then I suggest that that would be begging the question, in that some "clever" person might decide that the Universe was actually just part of something bigger.


"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."
And, yes, there may be new components which then need to be incorporated. I do not mean to be unscientific, but there may be new mechanisms of telepathic contact which become accepted, for example, and these must obviously fall within the definition of all there is.
BTW, I do like your suggestions for defining modes of communication.

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Feb 14, 2020
I see two threads in conversation:

One thread deals with what is sensible (all sensors and eyes and of course our cognitive awareness and understanding) as The Universe. To them my question is that what appears today is not real as part of what we sense today did not simultaneously exist, these photons are from different times and appears as composite or mosaic of real sensible Universe.

Second presupposes the Big Bang.

My view:

If DM is permeating everywhere anytime and is the source of matter-energy, local creation of matter and small Big Bangs can occur anywhere where Quantum Fields (structures to create matter-energy -particles) are created in DM.
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Mar 7, 2021
Hey, I am new around here.. Can someone please explain what are we supposed to do here? I've been on Quora before, so is it something similar to that where you answer people's questions?


Apr 1, 2020
Hey, I am new around here.. Can someone please explain what are we supposed to do here? I've been on Quora before, so is it something similar to that where you answer people's questions?

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you have answers, feel free to answer questions. Just be sure to follow the forum rules.



"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."
The original question was
How far can we travel through space, until the constellations are no longer recognizable?

Here is an answer to:
(11) How far would you have to go for the constellations to appear different? - Quora

The apparent location of stars within the field of view of an observer traveling through interstellar space would change with distance as the traveler got further and further from earth. The constellations, as we have defined them are, are made up of objects in vastly different positions in three dimensional space. Some are comparably close to us and others are extremely far away within a single constellation. The shape of a constellation would change depending on which one you were looking at.

Alpha Centauri is the closest star to us (it is actually a binary star) and is part of the constellation Centaurus. Traveling anything close to 4 light years tangentially to that constellation would alter the appearance of centaurus very quickly

There is a free program that will allow you to look at the stars from 'any' position in space and, therefore, see exactly how constellations change for yourself.

This is from the Richard Adkins reference above.

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Dec 2, 2019
How far can we travel through space, until the constellations are no longer recognizable?

There is no constellation relationship BETWEEN THEM, that has anything to do with HOW WE SEE THEM IN RELATIONSHIP TO EACH OTHER.

The stars making up a group we linked together, may well be so far apart, that a space traveler travelling around the world WOULD HAVE NO REASON TO ASSOCATION ANY OF THE STARS WITH EACH OTHER.

And I'm sorry, you're mistake, as I see it ;points out a very very important lack of appropriateness, in how we devote GROUP RESOURCES ie: taxpayers to matters beyond, the obviously very necessary problems associated with sending "information satellites and communication satellites into orbit.

An individual, of course may well find some interest in something that has no general relevance to solving problems we "may have related to being located on earth".

But, I suggest, "musing" of what we think "vague shapes light years away, that may themselves be light years apart and having no particular relationship to others, ie: as space travelers may see them FROM A VARIETY OF ANGLES.

Astronomers find relevance, in spending tax dollars to pursue their "personal interest in things they "see" relate to something simply because the are sideways close to each other.

Which is meaningless in terms of knowledge. I submit knowledge finds its basis in "reality" that is 100% consistent, in its defining characteristics. And it is these IN FACT PERMANENT RELATIONSHIPS..... NOT POINT OF VIEW RELATIONSHIPS, otherwise known as "personal opinions" based on ones own Narrow observations, along side of our unawareness, almost always, which by definition of being unaware, we haven't taken into account.

This is the ignorance and observed constant disagreement and inability of members of our government to WORK TOGETHER TO FIND WORKABLE SOLUTIONS.

It is, I suggest, the only way to become aware of what you are unaware of. And to take the position, THEY ALL DO, I have all the right answers, and anyone that disagrees with me, is to be treated as ignorant and ignored is arrogant.....the definition of which is assuming you have power and/or abilities you don't have.

And saying It "might be" (which implies it might not be, because of my inherent unawareness of what I am unaware of!!!!) is not grounds to spend taxpayer payer money. Why? limited government is limited to that which can be articulated and UNDERSTOOD, IN a rational thought process verification... we all share in common, because of patterns that we all should be able to see the same way, because they in fact do permanently exist!

And when you give limited powers, it only makes sense if you rationally can determine whether or not an act is within the limitations all workable governments must have. I suggest, that is what defines the difference between workable governments, long term and Dictators, which over and over prove themselves to be short term phenomenon!

If I am right that you n fact missed the point, to me it becomes important to know why you did so. I am sure you must be quite capable of not missing that point at least.

And we should expect the same of our politicians, and not elect and only have the choice to chose between those that profess to have all the answers AND anyone who disagrees is of no value. What works is called, I believe true humility. I need you to help me, always.


"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."
It is completely correct to point out that everything to do with constellations or asterisms is based on line of sight. This changes depending on the distance from the observer.

Try this. Place your forefinger in front of and touching your nose. Now look through each eye separately. You will see a vastly different view. Now move your forefinger away to arms length and do the same. Little difference. Now apply this to a star in a constellation. Near objects will appear to change position greatly and distant ones very little.
Constellations may have (and usually don't) little connection between component stars. They only appear connected by line of sight.

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