Contrails: What are they and how do they form?

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Thank you for the detailed analysis.

Of course, that won't keep the chemtrail folks from believing their irrational belief. Now Space DOT com is part of the conspiracy!

I once worked out the molar math of converting jet fuel and atmospheric oxygen into water vapour and CO2. It turns out that most of the volume of the contrails come from atmospheric oxygen!

The implication is that, if one were to really haul chemicals up into the air and disperse them, it would require four times the quantity of chemicals than it requires of jet fuel. This means it would need four times the lift, four times the engine power, four times the storage space, etc. And yes, all this additional capacity would also require four times the conventional jet fuel expended.

So now, you don't need a bunch of "hard science" to dispel the notion of chemtrails. It's simple common sense that there aren't special aircraft with four times the lifting capacity out there. They would be pretty easy to spot!
This is from the OP referenced article:
"Several public and private entities are currently researching ways to mitigate contrails' effect on the climate. For example, a study by NASA and DLR (the German Aerospace Center) revealed that sustainable aviation fuel can reduce contrail formation by 50% to 70%. "
The impact of sustainable fuel is stated as fact.

This is from the article it references:
"It's too early to report any conclusive results from the tests, but a quick look at the data seems to indicate that the alternate fuel blend reduces black carbon emissions by more than 30 percent on the ground, with less obvious results in the air, including the alternate fuel's effect on contrail formation.
We don't know if the emissions have any impact on ice particle formation. That's something that will probably be buried in the statistics, and we'll be examining that," Anderson said."
The impact of sustainable fuel is "too early to report", "a quick look seems to indicate". And then they state their underlying model is unproven,

Which one am I supposed to believe?
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