Question Could humans sometimes safely hear sounds on Mars with our own ears?

Nov 13, 2020
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My topic question about whether humans could hear sound on Mars with our own ears is of course at least partly motivated by the first two working dedicated microphones on Mars with the NASA Perseverance rover. I know humans couldn't survive for any time at all on Mars with their mouth or nose exposed to the Martian air since its atmosphere is much more tenuous than Earth's and what there is has little free oxygen that we need to breathe. However could future astronauts just wear something like a close fitting gas mask connected to oxygen tubes and have the rest of their head open to the Martian air? This would be if precautions were taken against other risks such as only being outside on the Martian surface for a short time to minimize radiation exposure and to go outside near the Martian equator and around Martian noon or early afternoon when the temperature can get above 0 degrees Centigrade or above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 15 or 20 degrees Centigrade or in the 60s degrees Fahrenheit. Could people then hear with their own ears for a while the sounds on Mars or would there be other dangers that would still make such at attempted experience unsafe or deadly such as the head or body of this person expanding violently when directly subject to the low Martian air pressure at Mars' surface level?


Without a full body suit to protect them, the liquids within the human body would immediately boil away causing a horrific death.

Until the atmospheric pressure is some what close to Earth (not going to happen), there is no way for a human to survive on the planet surface without some sort of artificially pressurized environment.

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At the very least, have you ever gone up or down some great elevation and had your ears ‘pop’? That’s only a minor elevation change. The pressure difference between your body internal and Mars atmosphere would likely rupture the eardrums and cause bleeding, irreparable damage.

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