Darnian Pluvio Epsiode and 700Ma Global Ice common causality.

Sep 17, 2023
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The common thread of a 420Ma period between these two chill events. a) Darnian Pluvial Episode as an aftermath of the PTr extinction, as a 2Ma of rain cooling period from which life recovered. b) Start of 700Ma Global Ice during Orion's Spurr Arm (Galactic 180 degree) sibling's approach to SOL. Derived from present interval of our recovery from Cretaceous Thermal Maximum this side of the Oligocene Conundrum; modified by a relative Star Main Sequencing radiance (PTr at -1.8%, 700Ma at -5% of present).
The common thread time is found by cipher of IUGS Chronologic dates that position major chilling, thermal maximums and LIPs alignment to Galactic Arm, CB transitions with SOL. This the first ever image of our Galactic Structure to include the unseen Orion's sibling spur Arm.
WIP Equation of expressing chill and thermal temperature based on Arm distance. Give me a weeks' time from.... 2024 February 28. WIP. New Triassic Event Data may lead to a straight CB on near to far side. PTr may be equivalent with Eocene Optimum relative timing. I have been expecting something of this. WIP
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