Decreasing Universe and Hubble's Law derivation

Oct 11, 2022
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From Decreasing Universe Theory :
The hubble law could be derived

from Decreasing Universe

1-Hubble's law formula can be derived (verified)
It's in the theory text.

2-Postulation of dark energy is not necessary (verified)
It's in the theory text.

3-Expansion of the universe doubles every 10 billion years (verified)

"Universe mysteriously expanding, will double in size in 10 billion years, finds Hubble"
Which was exactly the evidence I was hoping for, that's exactly what my theory predicted:
["...Some Values ??.... Tj=3.15E17?s = 10 billion years
That is, the Jocaxian Time, the time necessary for our space to contract in half, is 10 billion years..."]

4-The Universe is getting hotter (verified)

-Unexpectedly, The Universe Is Getting Hotter and Hotter as It Expands

5-Comoving and proper distances (verified)

Comoving distance factors out the expansion of the universe,
giving a distance that does not change in time due to the expansion of space
(though this may change due to other, local factors, such as the motion of a galaxy within a cluster).
Comoving distance and proper distance are defined to be equal at the present time.
At other times, the Universe's expansion results in the proper distance changing,
while the comoving distance remains constant.

"... is the distance between them which would be measured with rulers at the time they are being observed
(the proper distance) divided by the ratio of the scale factor of the Universe then to now.
In other words the proper distance multiplied by (1 + z)."

From the equation (E10) from my paper, we have :
D(t) = D0 * exp(H0*t)
( It is the size measured now as a function of the size that would have been measured at the time of photon emission.)
We can then identify as D0 = proper distance.
D(t)=Lambta (=L) (wave length reaching us) and D0 = Lambta0 (=L0) ( wave length emited )
We have: L = L0 * exp(H0*t)
So L/L0 = Z + 1 = exp((H0*t) = D / D0
D = D0 * ( Z + 1 ) ( deducted from my paper )


6-The postulation of dark matter may not be necessary (to be verified)
It's in the theory text, but rotation curve of galaxy is not very good yet.

(Consequences of the theory)

7- On average, Galaxies at the same distance, the ones with less mass should have higher redshifts and vice versa (NOT verified yet)

Because the greater mass increase the contraction rate of the galaxy increasing the frequency of light

8-On average, for aspiral galaxy, the more distant the galaxy, the greater the amount of dark matter.

Because the galaxy's radius will appear larger than it actually is.

What do you thinK?
Oct 11, 2022
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Since the paper was written more than 3 years ago, what progress has been made with it?

The progress was about the another evidences I found after published:
1-Expansion of the universe doubles every 10 billion years

2-The comoving distance and Proper distance follow naturaly from theory,

What sort of input are you looking for from Space members?

I would like someone find something wrong in the theory and
if knows the evidence tobe verified ( item C )


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