Defeat of Entropy, Quantum Weirdness Faster Than the Speed of Light

Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass quantum weirdness stuff bespeaks faster than the speed of light action and travel in both the smallest and largest picture of things beyond relativity (Relativity), the same picture of things (Big Bang / Planck / Infinity (collapsed) Horizon). Hawking hinted at it when he hinted at life surviving the black hole by simply migrating the "life zone" out and through the horizons of universe toward a constant of the Big Bang / Planck / Infinity Horizon. A constancy both always [there-then] and always [here-now], the ultimate in faster than the speed of light stuff (time travel stuff) permanently defeating entropy's inexorability. The "constancy" of it, that is.

Relatively speaking, nothing is observed -- or can be observed -- to travel faster than the speed of light (c = +300,000kps).


All otherwise speaking, nothing travels slower than the speed of light (c = -300,000kps) just about the absolute, if not the absolute, of "photo-stop", photo-suspend, action in the universe.
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Some additional explanation of what I mean above by nothing travels faster, and slower, than: ".... observed -- or can be observed...."

".... just about the absolute, if not the absolute, of 'photo-stop' -- photo-suspend -- action in the universe." (Picture / frame (time frame) "stop" -- "suspend" action [in / to] the universe.)
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Accelerate to that 'photo-stop sign' (+c (+300.000kps)), or decelerate to it (-c (-300,000kps)), it makes no difference to the universe (being the same 'photo-stop sign' either way reached, in either direction . . . from either direction). The universe, vertical universe-wise (as opposed to the infinitely flat, infinite horizontal of it), the largest Black Hole and Black Hole Horizon of them all (Big Bang / Planck / Infinity (collapsed) Horizon).
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