Question Delay on from actual launch.

Jan 6, 2020
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I have the good fortune to live in Fla and can watch the launches from the backyard. I was disappointed that there is a two minute delay on and I almost missed the amazing launch tonight! Can anybody explain the delay?


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Oct 24, 2019
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Hi Splymale!

This is Tariq Malik, Editor-in-Chief at, and I'm sorry you nearly missed the launch, but am glad you were able to see it.

The webcast you saw on was actually provided by SpaceX, direct from their webcast page here:

and powered by their YouTube channel here:

Occasionally, those feeds from SpaceX and NASA can have delays in their broadcast that stem from their delivery online. You can notice it when comparing, for example, a SpaceX webcast and NASA webcast for a Dragon cargo mission. Or between NASA's Livestream and YouTube channels. actually does not intentionally add any delays into livestreams, as they are provided directly by the broadcaster.

I hope this helps, and am glad you were able to see the flight.

Tariq Malik
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