Dyson Sphere thread

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Nov 11, 2020
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As indicated by a condition proposed via Carl Sagan, people are at present sitting at ~73% of a Type I human progress. Yet, when we achieve that achievement in maybe a couple of hundred years (accepting we don't explode ourselves all the whileand sit all day at wxchat), the development of a Dyson circle or, almost certain, a Dyson swarm around the Sun is most likely the way to in the long run hitting Type II.
Nov 16, 2019
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Exactly 40 years ago this month, “Science Digest” gave us a look at the inside of a Dyson Megasphere
A monolithic Dyson Mega-sphere would be the stupidest, most deadly dangerous thing a species of life could ever conceive of, much less build. Better a billion independently floating Standford Torus's in local and wide area networks in space (a billion almost invulnerably independent PCs) that a single, singly massively vulnerable, Dyson Mega-sphere (a single, singly vulnerable, monolithic mainframe system).
Agreed, a monoliting hollow sphere cannot have all parts orbiting the star. Only a narrow equatorial band would be orbiting. The entire rest of the sphere would simply be "hanging in space" and thus be unstable. The sphere would eventually fall into the star. A group of independent objects could be placed in non interfering orbits and stay up indefinitely.