Earth-based STS-131 solo in color

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subject: STS-131 Discovery in orbit , April 19 : in color

Attached is the best result of the observations of STS-131 Discovery taken April 19 during
it's solo flight after undock from the ISS. This image contains the original color information.

As mentioned earlier, It was very surprising that the obtained resolution occured with a just
70 degrees pass, far from overhead, but the fact that the orbiter already descended a little
and the great seeing helped.

Interesting additional fact is that the imaging took place at the time that the volcanic ash
cloud from Island covered the region. The cloud was very low density however, but
skies were clearly more hazy then normal. It's not impossible that the dust worked out
positively on the seeing. This is just a presumption.
Ralf Vandebergh


Thank you very, very much for bringing this here. Make sure your images are copyrighted so no one else can claim that they are theirs.

Click on my link for Ben Cooper Launch Photography, I suggest you get in contact with him.

Stunning work, have you tried some others. Are you far enough south to get the Hubble Space Telescope? Mind you HST is much higher up & smaller, but worth a try maybe??

Andrew Brown.
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