Earth's sun: Facts about the sun's age, and history

Wow, this article contains a lot of cool facts stated with nice brevity.

If nits are tolerated...:)

I like to use "Sun" in lieu of "sun" when referring to the object itself. Am I wrong to think this is the proper use of grammar? [I'm not one who deserves to criticize other's grammar, but this is no small object (or subject).]

"Most of the material was pulled toward the center to form the sun."
This statement is certainly true for the material that survived, but about 90%, IIRC, is blown away as the protoSun got hotter and hotter.

The upper photosphere temp., from at least one solar physicist's book, gives an upper photosphere temp. of about 8,550 F (5000K). [BTW, the CLV (Center to Limb Variation) plays a significant role in understanding our observations of its disk.]

And my favorite... There is no image in this article of the Sun as it appears to us without either the intentional use of false colors or as it would be seen from space. Given no web site seems ever to give a hoot about it - for reasons inexplicable to me, especially when dark backgrounds are common vs. white paper of the past -- it's hard to suggest this is deserving of ridicule. If I weren't a self-proclaimed heliochromologist, I'd keep my mouth shut. But it's interesting how we almost never see a lot of false colors used for the other objects in the solar system, yet not the Sun. [I feel someone should write a disconsolate poem about this multi-century color conundrum. ;)]

For those sympathetic to the color issue, there's this.
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