How To Ecological and Unexpensive technological approach for launch vehicles

Nov 1, 2021
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Hello everyone,
We all know how difficult is to make rockets to fly to space. The most important is what fuel pair is chosen. Each has its own probs:
1. Oxygen-Kerosene : the most common, but requires a huge and expensive cryogenic infrastructure and Oxygen mini-plant near.
2. Hydrgen-Oxygen: same expensive cryogenic inftrastructure + huge issue with Hydrogen itself - it leaks thru almost everything as the atom is the smallest :)
3. Other storable propelats (Acids, Hydrazines etc): super-toxic, super unstable, require a huge safaty infrastructure and storage.
4. Solid propellants: safety first :) no smoking :), and very poor possiblity to do something when it is started :)

But thinking about this, do you have any ideas about someting in-between. Is there any propllants that can be less expensive, less harmful for life? Of course, not to compomise a lot with achieving of good specific impulse :)
And how to make the overal cost of launch reduced as much as possible, using the modern technics, materials and engineering.
I think such discussion can be pretty interesting.
Jul 27, 2021
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For sure, the leaders of space flight are working daily to make propellants less expensive, less harmful with all the lore and cutting-edge technologies, tests, applications, having all the variety of engines.
'In-between' might be not exact term to be used. 'Trade off' - is what matters everywhere.
You might put the time into the equation.Time of tests and mission aims.


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