Energy from the Wind

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Most any location can get a little energy from the wind. Special locations can almost compete with the coal burning electric plant that likely supplies most of your electricity. If you put a big enough price tag on the polutants, a giant wind turbine is more cost effective than a coal fired plant. There are some other advantages that apply in a few situations, but there are some disadvantages. The wind turbine shakes the ground, and makes some noise. The turning blades may make your TV picture jitter, or produce a flickering light, that can trigger epileptic seizures.
Only the tiniest turbine should be fastened to your house or business building due to the noise and vibration which will annoy some people. If you live near the ocean shore, or in West Texas, you may be offered a considerable amount of money, such as $10,000 per year, if you permit a giant wind turbine on your property. If your house foundation is on bed rock you may be wise to refuse, as the vibration can reach your home from a mile away thought the bed rock. If any of your neighbors live within a mile of the proposed wind turbine, you may also be wise to refuse, as they may be annoyed, even if you are not. You should refuse, if some member of your family will be overstressed about the occasional bat or bird that gets whacked by the turbine blades.
If you go for it, make sure you understand when you will get the money, as there is some possibility that the turbine
company will go bankrupt, in these difficult economic times.
Best of all your turbine may help our country reduce our dependency on foreign oil. That could be incredibly important as it is not wise to give lots of money to people who want you dead. Please embellish and/or give a rebuttal. Neil
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