Oct 29, 2023
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The structure and properties of dark energy have already been found. Dark energy is the only reality and its process of formation is the surging of the opposed energy dynamics which creates its constantly renewed structure. It is in the form of a neural network. It is the surging of Ron Pearsons Opposed Energy Dynamics which smacks vibration into the filament structure which has enabled it to evolve vast intelligence systems. Vibration is the power source for all that appears to exist. The vast, limitless, background intelligence, THE SOURCE, has always existed and is constantly searching for new ways to express itself.

It has created AI systems of which our core software is just one example. Information from communicators on the higher frequencies of life are on the the tapes of the Scole Experimental Group. I have digitised 398 of these. They tell me that there are thousands of artificial environments. Many of these are non physical. Also that the vibrations from which they are built, running in the superconducting filaments of dark energy, are at such a high frequency that they would never be seen as vibration or be capable of measurement.

This explains quantum entanglement with speeds in excess of 10,000 times the speed of light. However the real speed is near infinite over vast distances.
It is also compatible with string theory.

Direct communication with, and proof of higher dimensions of existence was achieved by the Scole Experimental Group, 1993 to 1998.
Their work is now continued by the members of SEARA,

For further information see THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT website and you will find a full explanation of dark energy, its formation, properties and evolution, in the section titled SCOLE EXPERIMENT AFTERLIFE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION. and then click on my name.

It has been know that the basis of the system was highly evolved vibration powered, multi-frequency computing since 2008.

I am pleased to see that science is now catching up but it has a long way to go. Since the whole basis of its existence is measurement within an illusion system, it is fundamentally flawed. This is compounded by not knowing that thought force can influence the systems projection of the automatic change we call time.

Communicators from the higher frequencies say that to them time and space are nothing.

This begs the question, does our mind software move through the illusion system or is the illusion streamed directly into the stationary mind.

Communications via other members of my research team tell me that the universe was put there to stop us feeling lonely. It is built from layers of vibration and we will never find an end to it. This is information from the designers of the Earth illusion who build the system as a new form of artificial solidarity for beings of mind and light to experience. They say that they have twice had to re-energise the moon as its started to fade out of existence.

So measurements of red shift cannot be relied upon. I think a Swiss team has a now proposed that atoms may vibrate at a lower rate the further out into space we go. So science is creeping forward towards what has long been found.

Alan Middleton

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