Entropy Is Half -- or the Built-In Second of Two Levels of a Singularity -- of 'Chaos Theory's Picture of 'Zoom Universe'!

You "zoom out", you "zoom in", out of and into, the largest Black Hole and Horizon, Singularity, of them all; a universe, our local universe -- one of an infinity of universes -- and find two different opposing results for exactly the same universe picture. One nothing but entropy's debris, anarchy and disorder. One nothing but nature's best beauty of structural and infrastructural order (Stephen Hawking's "Life Zone") that can be gazed upon or imagined. Concurrent. Co-existing. Bottom up and top down, inside and out, a two-sided single coin of "zoom universe" always . . . because, in this case, it is a two-sided single coin of universe (if you can imagine Hawking's "six-sided particle", of quantum mechanics, that is at once "six different particles").
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