Frank Borman, Apollo 8 astronaut who led first flight to the moon, dies at 95

Jun 7, 2021
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Apollo 8 & the movie 2001 are part of my treasured memories. I was home for Christmas break from college & went to see the movie (it blew me away at the time) , When I got home , I turned on the T.V. & Col. .Borman was giving his Christmas speech from Lunar orbit. I just saw 2001 & now was seeing the first humans to be in orbit around the moon. It was a srange feeling at first (aka. a Twilight Zone moment). That's why the movie & the mission are something special to me . Farewell Col. Borman. Mission accomplished.
  • It was the first flight Apollo 8, that took humans out of clutches of Gravity. Experimentally and in introspection of evolution of life on Earth, it was a momentous step. I was live witness to the mission as I worked for NASA HQ for Systems Engineering and for all science Experiments out of then called Manned Space Flight Experiments Board, NASA.
  • Genetic Adaptation and long term survival of Humans is a long way away and I have made two efforts, a study proposed in 1998 for ISS where I proposed a well experimented and documented rodents reproduction experiment where several natural and artificially reproduced successive offsprings of rodents would be genetically mapped over 10 years. The experiment had potential of identifying those genes that can potentially adapt to microgravity, thus studying genetic futuristic space survival species? The second effort is to publish what we know from efforts in space pharmaceuticals and whatever can be found from TWINS Kelly's one year duration on board ISS. As the monarch fly larva dreams to become a butterfly, humans' dreams will be initially technology assisted (as we do fly like birds) and later who know what our consciousness will breed in future?
  • I received NASA Apollo Award when Apollo 11 landed, yes the greatest yet space achievement, we cherish till Artemis crew lands after 50+ years of break in deep space journeys. Visionaries such as Dr. Von Braun, my one of the mentors from 1968-72 and later as Industry VP, paved the way for the only wave, and people like Elon Musk and NASA Leaders are going to make the second wave possible.
  • Kindly help us pay homage and deep respects to Frank Borman, who made humankind release itself from Earth Gravity Bondage, even for a brief moment till Lunar gravitation exceeded zero gravity point in space, his 3 men Apollo 8 team's impact on humanity will be seminal, praiseworthy and admirable.
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