'Futurama' fuels up for Season 8 as Hulu's reboot blasts off this summer

Jun 1, 2023
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'Futurama' flies once again for an eighth season on Hulu this summer.

"Futurama" Season 8 launches on Hulu beginning on July 24, 2023.

I feel like someone is intentionally doing this on purpose. Season 8 has already loooong since been out and it was how Futurama had ended before cancelation. What we are looking at is Season 9 though if you want to be technical, if you count all 4 movies than "technically" it would be a Season 10.

Please check your facts before posting the seasons number; it insults the fans who actually DO know.


Per Futurama Wikipedia there have only been seven seasons. Seasons one through four aired on the Fox Network. Seasons five through seven aired on Comedy Central. The four movies you mention were broken into parts and labelled as season five. For some reason, seasons six and seven were divided into two parts.

So, at least according to Wikipedia, yes. The upcoming season is season 8.

Personally, however, I was completely wrong. I always thought Meanwhile was the final episode of a 10th season!

Oh well.

-Wolf sends

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