Galaxy from the 'teenage' universe reveals its water map for the 1st time

The reference cited title, "The Way of Water: ALMA Resolves H2O Emission Lines in a Strongly Lensed Dusty Star-forming Galaxy at z ∼ 3.1",

Good to know the z number used in this cosmology model interpretation. Using Ned Wright,
"The age at redshift z was 2.094 Gyr.
The light travel time was 11.628 Gyr.
The comoving radial distance, which goes into Hubble's law, is 6578.5 Mpc or 21.456 Gly."

The reported, "The galaxy, J1135, is located 12 billion light-years away and is seen as it was less than 2 billion years after the Big Bang."

The comoving radial distance shows today it is more than 21 Gly from Earth and space expands some 1.5x c velocity for that distance.
Feb 8, 2020
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Creating the universe electrically is simple if you can produce huge equal amounts of positive and negative charges; but the trick is to keep them apart or they will annihilate each other.
The next trick is how to combine not just positive ions surrounded by electrons but combine 2 hydrogen with 8 oxygen ions to form water which can now be seen in J1135 to have existed just after the big bang.

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