3D map of over 1 million black holes traces where the universe's dark matter lies

"...quasars tend to be centered within the densest clumps of dark matter..."

A DM halo and a quasar/BH center makes for a lot of parts & pieces. Gravity's weak, how would that all stay organized (concentric)?

What shepherds the galaxy around? Is it the DM or the central BH/quasar?
Sounds like a recipe for a real mess that wouldn't stay organized.

DM would have to be cradled to stay in its halo and not slobber off all over the place.

Real space physics don't support complicated fragile organizational systems.

The halo is centered on the quasar because the halo is coming directly from the quasar.

The quasar, the whole quasar and nothing but the quasar.