Geomagnetic storms cause me to get tachycardia and erratic blood pressure. Magnetic fields are messing up my heart problems

Dec 15, 2023
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Hi everyone!

I've been feeling pretty ill since the 12th, which is when there was a geomagnetic storm. I have several heart conditions that I've been diagnosed with - POTS, IST, and cardio-inhibitory syncope. My heart conditions are severe enough that my heart stopped during a tilt table test conducted a couple of months ago.

I'm familiar with the myriad of studies showing correlations between geomagnetic storms and heart problems: was shown statistically that%2Ccomparison with quiet geomagnetic conditions

This list is just an example, and non-exhaustive.

Although I am on a medication called Ivabradine, my heart rate has been uncharacteristically high since the 12th. My average resting heart rate while on Ivabradine is 53 beats per minute, but since the 12th my heart rate has been hovering around 85-90, even with my medication. Additionally, my heart rate will be very unstable, going from 65 to 95 within minutes, and back again. I like to study scientific topics and I am also familiar with the effect that magnetic fields have on electrical things. Hearts and nervous systems are electrical, too, so it makes sense that magnetic fields would cause the heart and nervous system to malfunction as well. I had all the magnets in the house removed in case they were additionally interfering with the electrical signals in my heart and nervous system and my symptoms have improved somewhat since the magnets were removed.

My symptoms got a lot worse in May 2020, which was also the month that I had an MRI scan and after reading about fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field being linked to heart problems I have suspicions that exposure to the MRI scanner's magnetic field worsened my POTS and other heart conditions.
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