'Gravity portals' could morph dark matter into ordinary matter, astrophysicists propose


Oct 22, 2019
"Yes, this idea is a stretch. But given that physicists are in the dark when it comes to the identity of dark matter, new ideas are always welcome. And this theory was specifically designed to match the observation of the gamma rays. But once that doorway has been opened, allowing dark matter particles to transform into regular matter (leptons, in this case), more theoretical work can be done to see if there are other ways to test the theory."

Okay, glad to see the paper link too, Dark matter annihilation into leptons through gravity portals, https://arxiv.org/abs/2008.02994

My observation. I would think the more elementary or exotic particles dumped into the vacuum of space, the greater the conflict with the cosmological constant and 3D space expansion becomes. QM and GR are in total conflict here, the cosmological constant, wrong value(s) obliterates the universe, expanding too fast for us to be here today and see anything. Somehow in all these new DM theories *solved* by introducing more energy and particles into the vacuum of space, side steps the issue here :)


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