How big is the moon?

Okay, this site has another size for the Moon :) Moon - The Flat Earth Wiki (
The absurdity of their arguments are great enough to be quite humorous, but also sad.

They don't even recall who was the first to map those "hills and dales". It was Galileo, of course. His telescope gave the world the first objective evidence that countered other interpretations as fancy.

I do like to push the important distinction between objectivity and subjectivity, especially. So I guess I will. :)

Objective evidence means that others, millions if need be, can come to the same conclusion without the need for raw imagination. I'm not talking consensus, however, but objectivity.

Galileo had to demosntrate terrestrially that most of what could be seen with the scope was real. This was easy since his telescope didn't flip images like Lippershey's. His first scopes did allow some to hold subjective opinion of the veracity of what was being seen. But better telescopes eliminated the questions of hills and dales on the Moon.

Galileo also was able to demonstrate the growing shadows of the mountains he was observing, which would be a requirement if indeed they were mountains.
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