How did the solar system form?

This is a good summary report here. I did not see any specifics on the MMSN protoplanetary disk mass and size found in various reports and simulations. A new report out today demonstrates just how difficult the accretion process is for explaining the origin of the Earth.

New research explains Earth's peculiar chemical composition,

Reference paper, Numerous chondritic impactors and oxidized magma ocean set Earth’s volatile depletion,, 22-Oct-2021. "Abstract Earth’s surface environment is largely influenced by its budget of major volatile elements: carbon (C), nitrogen (N), and hydrogen (H)..."

My observation. The report states, "...shows how dramatic events during Earth's formation process itself can account for these observations." My note. Giant impacts and much castrophism used to explain our habitable Earth today during accretion process postulated. My note. Explaining the origin of the habitable Earth and its current composition via the accretion process and protoplanetary disk is a work in progress still. Using the MMSN, Earth evolved out of the protoplanetary disk that contained at least 3,330 earth masses (or perhaps much more). Showing how Earth evolved into the habitable planet we see today based upon the chaotic and catastrophic environment of the spinning, disk is very difficult. This paper shows how difficult.