Question How to engage companies in space industry

Nov 6, 2019
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Space Tech Expo is approaching (Bremen 11/2019). I would like to establish cooperation with a company that supplies technologies for the space sector. I do custom production, especially FFF and SLA 3D printing. Of course I can supply other technologies, but I am small business so far and I only have these two technologies inhouse.
So it occurred to me to take the opportunity to make some simple gifts that I would give away at the expo. But I have no interesting idea at all. It is of course a pile of crap as business card holder, 3D business card , wrench with logo ... but it just is not unique. Any ideas?

Dwight Huth

Oct 22, 2019
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The best way to approach a business concerning space commerce is too provide the cheapest means of getting to the Moon for example while showing business the potential of simply having their logo on the side of a mission to the Moon. Getting people to look up is difficult because so many religions force people to look down at the ground.