Huge volcanic eruption didn’t cause climate change and mass extinction 140 million years ago


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After watching a Smithsonian tv prog on mass extinctions, I googled and found this.

Interesting though this is, I did not see any mention (admittedly on a quick scan) of the biggest extinction of them all - the Permian/Triassic which was about 252 million ya.

Incidentally, one quote from the prog was that humanity is now challenging asteroids and volcanism as causes of mass extinctions.

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Other sources indicate 10 mass extinctions in the past 260 million years. Earth's geologic 'pulse' happens every 27.5 million years, says study,, June 2021.

The report also documented 5 other mass extinctions. “FIVE GREAT EXTINCTION EVENTS Five times, a vast majority of the world's life has been snuffed out in what have been called mass extinctions, often associated with giant meteor strikes. End-Ordovician mass extinction the first of the traditional big five extinction events, around 440 million years ago, was probably the second most severe. Virtually all life was in the sea at the time and around 85% of these species vanished. Late Devonian mass extinction About 375-359 million years ago, major environmental changes caused a drawn-out extinction event that wiped out major fish groups and stopped new coral reefs forming for 100 million years. End-Permian mass extinction (the Great Dying) The largest extinction event and the one that affected the Earth's ecology most profoundly took place 252 million years ago. As much as 97% of species that leave a fossil record disappeared forever. End-Triassic mass extinction Dinosaurs first appeared in the Early Triassic, but large amphibians and mammal-like reptiles were the dominant land animals. The rapid mass extinction that occurred 201 million years ago changed that. End-Cretaceous mass extinction An asteroid slammed down on Earth 65 million years ago..."

My opinion. The fossil record points to death and mass extinction, not slow, gradual evolutionary transformation of one life form into another preserving the missing links required. The fossil record shows sudden, abrupt, and massive burial in many places; thus, the fossil record demonstrates catastrophism at work in Earth’s past.
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