Hypothetical 'dark photons' could shed light on mysterious dark matter

Do not read further if you are prone to hissy fits.

"The existence of dark matter has been firmly established from its gravitational interactions,..."
Wow! There is an overreach!

Objectively speaking what is apparent is gravity of some sort.
The gavity, only the gravity & nothing but the gravity.

"... carry some sort of DARK electromagnetic force..."
Coud one please define 'dark energy'.
(Thank goodness academics don't buffalo chip their way through things.)*

DM would have to be linked(?) by these photons to baryonic matter?
So the inertialess DM is always immune to gravity, and only towed along by baryonic matter as it alone is attracted by exo-galactic curvature?
Logically, mechanically i think that works,
but a tow chain photon linkage begs my credibility.
And inertialess mass IS an oxymoron.
Doesn't that equate with some baryonic matter just towing extra gravity along with it?
Oh well.

Me thinks thou doth grasp at straws.

Maybe this is designed more to draw attention for their hypothetical particle, the dark photon, than a 'serious' (oxymoronic?) proposal for DM?
Scoring points as the savior of the DMies?

Again, in galaxies, hypothetical DM would require self-contradicting responses to gravity, namely intra-galactic immunity and exo-galactic attraction.
And to me that is a bridge too far to reach.

But i have not gotten high in ivory towers like academics & other 'authorities',
how dare i question them with my mere 'common' rational questions.

*I have no problem with buffalo chiping, even by academics, but only with hypocrisy about denying it.
"The existence of dark matter has been firmly established from its gravitational interactions,..."
Wow! There is an overreach!

You're reading too much into it. They never said dark matter is a form of matter. They describe that particular theory, but the sentence you quote doesn't assume anything more than the gravitational effect. The DARK MATTER (that's it name) gravitational effect, which may or may not be some form of matter.

You think you're playing a clever game of gotcha, but the problem isn't your lack of "ivory tower" academics. It's your lack of reading comprehension. But go ahead, declare yourself some kind of accidental intellectual Robinhood. I'm sure you've got the science and mathematics to back it all up. Right....?
Science does matter imo.

Science does not produce the certainty of religious superstition.
Acolytes for the information priesthood need not apply.

Reason stands on wobbly legs,
but the magnificence is that it does stand,
on its own.

'Dark matter' isn't matter?

Do i need to say more?

(you are making this too easy)
Aug 6, 2020
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Doesn't anybody proofread what the write anymore?

The sentence that begins ""The existence of dark matter has been firmly established..." is repeated twice in the same paragraph.

Also is the headline a no pun intended?

Hypothetical 'dark photons' could shed light on mysterious dark matter​

Neil DeGrass Tyson (years ago on PBS) said he thought/said (paraphrasing) its mot dark matter it's 'dark gravity'.
That would be the sensible term for what's going on.
Gravity is going on with as yet not any evidence at all it arises from some hypothetical matter.
Matter is just what people's expectations project on it, but as yet the only actual evidence is of naked gravity.
Relativity doesn’t require matter to have gravity/curvature.
"'Dark matter' isn't matter" is a gobbledygook statement.
Possibly the fruit of a gobbledygook thought process. :D
If people were more precise about exactly what IS seen, they could divorce it from their reflex expectations and mull what IS there to try to understand/comprehend.
But whatever,
my expectations of human cognition are rather limited.