I designed a crewed interstellar spacecraft

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Dec 13, 2019
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Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you a crewed interstellar spacecraft which I have designed and called Solar One.

It employs a combination of 3 propulsion methonds: nuclear fusion, beam-powered propulsion , and photon propulsion.

Basically, several compact fusion reactors power a laser system that propels a huge light sail.

Physicis Robert Forward already proposed in 1983 to use a 26-TW laser system to propel a 100-km light sail, a fresnel lens to focus the beam of the laser, and decelerate the spacecraft with a secondary light sail.

I propose something a bit different, which is to use to use for example a 60 TW-laser to propel a 5-km light sail that would deploy from the spacecraft after the acceleration stage, use parabolic mirror that gradually change their orientation in order to focus the laser beam, and finally use a photon rocket to decelerate the spacecraft.

In theory, it could be possible to achieve 25% the speed of light, reaching the closest potentially habitable exoplanet in less than 20 years.

There are of course many challenges, like building a high-energy continuous-wave laser, reducing the weight of the nuclear fusion reactors, and minimizing the effects of zero gravity during such a long trip.

What do you guys suggest to overcome these challenges?

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Sep 21, 2020
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What about Food, Waste and Water? Would you go into stasis or bring supplies aboard? I would also suggest having a Gravity Ring centrifuge somewhere for sleeping/stasis and any exercising as this will combat the effects of microgravity.
Also a lander hanger and remote manipulator (robot arm) would be useful. A docking port would, quite honestly, be unnecessary as you would probably not encounter any spacecraft with capable docking ports besides your lander once leaving LEO. You would, however, need an emergency escape vehicle, preferably with its own methods of propulsion, since a rescue would be nearly impossible.
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