I was hoping to get some feedback on what I saw the other night.

Aug 4, 2021
I am not tech savvy and didn't know where to go for answers. I recorded three videos of a star?? that displayed a phenomenon I am not familiar with and will provide a link below for one of them.
***Please note between 1min8sec-1min22sec something happens***

View: https://youtu.be/jjNq33yYToE

Thanks tremendously for any time you have taken to help me understand. I have multiple videos of this at different times repeating the same behavior. I greatly appreciate any feedback.

Shelby Winik
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Jul 27, 2021
This doesn't look like a star. A star would rather be steadily blinking.
Looks like a near object.
By what camera it is recorded? And how long is that you have started tracking this object.
There night sky is heavy loaded with different types and purpose satellites. Their navigation is determined by assigned slots, and also self - controlled with Machine Learning algorythms.
Note, that there are thousands of satellites are launch yearly by national and private companies.
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Aug 4, 2021
Is it moving or is it standing still?
Hi! Thanks so much for your time. It's standing. The following night it appeared to be there but was overcast with clouds. Last night was clear and it was no longer there. Here is a picture of the first time I noticed it the first evening. It was so bright, that's what peaked my curiosity
I have a couple more (approximately 2 mins) clips of this happening. It starts out warm colors then implodes, then reappears cooler colors, blues and greens. I thought it was interesting. Now I set my alarm for 2:45 am and check. I wish someone else had seen it with me. It was quite unusual