I came across the concept of "Idiocracy" in another context today, but it applies very much:

Stephen Hawking gave Mankind at most another 1,000 years to mass extinction unless Mankind begins ever enlarging birth and expansion out into the breakout and colonization of the space frontier now, not later. That it is not only important, but also an imperative of Mankind!

What would lead Mankind not to go for breakout?! To think and speak of its "importance" for 1,000 years but in fact not to make it out -- not to make it actually happen far or fast enough to keep from constantly retrenching (running on a treadmill going nowhere) on Earth at untenably ever-increasing costs! -- in the next 1,000 years warned of by Hawking among so many others?!

Answer: "Idiocracy" . . . including an unbroken 1,000 years of 'Artificial Intelligence's inability to rise out of, to counter, the natural laws of stupidity and idiocy (Utopia (Dystopia))!
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Thinking that man has the ability, knowledge, or power to colonize another the very definition of abstract theory.

We can't even travel safely in space yet. We have a very long way to go, just to dare to explore, let alone station somewhere. Earth orbit is not space travel. Going to the moon is like going to the outhouse. You wouldn't want to live there.

And Mr. Stephen Hawking doesn't know anymore about the future than anyone else.

Besides, the earth might green so much, it draws visitors.
It is quite obvious you haven't read much about our possible future in space. Especially, Space Colonization.

In your search engine put "space colonization" and scroll to "Space Colonization - NASA" for a start.

Look up the National Space Society and maybe even read the e-copy on the site of the book 'Colonies in Space', by T. A. Heppenheimer and learn something about our potential interim steps to the stars:

Also, go to the other sites such as the National Space Foundation....

Look up "Voyager Station," a beginning step.

And there is much more out there if you only look.
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I don't understand the premise. Where are you going to go?.....and what are you going to do when you get there? This is the only boat we have. This is the only boat that can float us.
Then we are as dead as a child that refuses to be born in the due time of birth! One that refuses to be born and grow outward and reaches limits to growth inward! It, Mankind, will run faster and faster on a treadmill to nowhere using up all that it is just as fast!
"... and what are you going to do when you get there?" All of a sudden that reminded me of what Daniel Webster and Horace Greeley asked about the vast raw, alien and harsh near emptiness of the far western plains and mountains of the U. S. in the years before the discovery of Gold in California, the discovery of gold in Colorado, and the impact upon vast numbers of people of immigration and of the American Civil War.

And more, the impact upon once essentially closed systematic Europe of the explosive opening of the Maritime and American frontiers post 1400s CE. Historian of Civilization, Will Durant, wrote that that opening drove Thomas More to write 'Utopia' as a nostalgia for the Age of Camelot that was starting to disappear from Western Europe with that opening up of the Old World to New Worlds' energy loaded dynamic new material frontiers ("... and what are you going to do when you get there?").
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Moving to another world will not solve man's problems. It will only spread them.

Our problems have nothing to do with resources or emissions. It all comes from between the ears. And between the armpits. And the venom from the mouth. These are our problems. The rest are just excuses and diversions.

These un-quantized characters and properties of man.
Moving to another world will not solve man's problems. It will only spread them.

Our problems have nothing to do with resources or emissions. It all comes from between the ears. And between the armpits. And the venom from the mouth. These are our problems. The rest are just excuses and diversions.

These un-quantized characters and properties of man.
You know nothing of history, including Old Testament Biblical type history as illustrated even in movies like 'The Ten Commandments', 'Exodus', 'Cast A Giant Shadow', 'How the West Was Won', 'Grapes of Wrath', and so on and so forth. What you talk "will not solve man's problems," solves differential Mankind's problems (an evolutionary, a revolutionary, branching tree's problems). To "spread them" out is to dilute, diminish, and solve them (to simplify complexities and order disorders (to deal in "null unity" (many worlds) to produce "unities" (a multiverse universe of differences))).

You can't pack and pack, and pack to infinity in compaction, the matter and energy! And you can't make uniform or similar (homogenize) a high order of complex multi-dimensional being . . . therefore, necessarily, a very "spatial" species and being.

Maybe you should look up and read J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur's essay 'What is an American' (published, London, circa 1782CE) in which he talks about a definite linkage between expanding spatial frontiers and accompanying expansion of the mind, especially the mass mind (the mass genius). I know from seventy years study of history the equal but opposite is also true, a closing-in shrinking world (an 'Iron Curtain World') of limits is accompanied by a closing-in shrinkage of mass mind . . . a shrinking mass genius. A deforming world . . . and a deforming mass mind and genius.
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Another reason why Space Frontier colonization, permanency, and expansionism is not simply important but imperative:

This author was not advocating space colonization, but his article points to why China may be in such a hurry to tool up to it in space. They made a titanic mistake others advocate making and are trying so hard to follow in making. It doesn't just cost disastrously in just one respect as I've pointed out so often. It comes down to inescapable natural laws, therefore inescapable physics.
Nov 18, 2023
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I think Steve might have added 1 to many zeros.

I have studied the earth for more than a decade as a hobby.

For those who haven't, I ask you really take a look at not one item but many items.

The world we live in is in a cascade event.
What does that mean ?

Oxygen levels are dropping, carbon emissions are increasing, population is still increasing, sea temperatures are still increasing, ice caps are still melting, automobiles and factories are still increasing.

So how are all of these items connected to global warming ?
Oxygen producing plants on land are being reduced, fires destroying plants.
Oxygen producing sea plants are dieing due to temperature increases too fast to evolve.
Carbon emissions are increasing, due to population, production of all the items consumed by humans, humans themselves by automobiles, use of utilities, and breathing. Animals needed to feed us as well as plant farmed land, that land also sits with no plant life causing even less oxygen to be produced.

Our earth would naturally increase in temperature on it own in a known cycle of our earths history. However mankind has caused what would happen in millions of years into what we have now. The cycle won't repeat as we will continue.

So the question becomes how much time do we actually have ?

It's a cascade event, predictions will never be correct and everything is connected with no way to turn back the clock, or undo what has been done.

Don't get sacred I'm not a scientist ?

I would say the end of the next 100 years, we will be having some major issues, with most people moving to the southern regions of the earth.

Oxygen, and heat, with be an issue. Volcanos might also be more active as the crust heats.

200 + years - Land plant life, Animals, Humans, all might be gone. The earth atmosphere almost depleted of oxygen will probably go into a regeneration state, only deep sea creatures and deep sea plant life will exist and over thousands of years bring back earth as we now know the blue planet.

When Elton Says he wants to save humanity;
He has a good reason to say that.

I believe the public might not know all the facts and don't search to find the facts, we all too worried and busy to study it. We definitely don't need a public scare, at this point nothing will change what will come, and even during COVID the increase slowed down some but was still on its path.

Don't take my word for what I have studied, research it on your own. Air quality, temperature histories, sea water temperatures, North Pole temperatures. Everything is public. Nothing is hidden. But it's just not being put all together and presented to the public.
A scare at this point won't help at all, might make it worse, even if every man made item was shut down today it would not make a difference, it might buy us a little more time is all. We can't live our lives without any man made made items that includes power and water.

Living on a another planet might be the only way to save humans. Until earth is livable again.

I hope someone is researching a gravity machine, or an anti gravity machine. That's where research should be, along with living on another planet or space. If we could create gravity in space without centrifugal force then living in space and space travel becomes possible, even live on planets that have less or more gravity than what humans can live with.
Nov 18, 2023
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Utopia Earth and Space has proven a deadfall, a trap!
Perfection ? 😞
Nothing is perfect that's for sure, the earth is always changing and actively changing, we just pushed the changes faster than normal.
I hate saying this but true - Anywhere humans live population with eventually be an issue as we see with our own earth, space is not an answer yet.
🛸Star Trek next generation we need now, we will probably never advance enough to make living in space a permanent solution before having to do something. Gravity, radiation, air, food, confined living, and no protection from small flying objects we're sitting ducks in space with a very short life.

The Key ? 🔑
Gravity is really a key - if gravity wasn't an issue then transportation of water, land for plants, animals, people, would all be possible, living in space simple, and even movement by pushing and pulling on planets might be possible as all planet cores have similar material ( mainly Iron ).

Anti Gravity Machine ? 🌎
I have my own theory on creating such an item for the issue of gravity, no backers, no lab, no money, never been tried, it will always be a theory.
If we could transport large amounts of water into space - then we could grow food in space, transport large living spaces, or even transport water to Mars or the moon. Endless possibilities.

A Different Planet.... 🌕
Even living on another planet like Mars won't be easy but at least its a stable environment for the most part. Evidence of water is the key. Water can be reused but eventually it has to be refreshed. New life( even plant life ) means more water is needed. Population control a must in space or another planet. Water can also produce air and hydrogen ; a fuel and for breathing.

With all that I have said, if you can read this message you will probably never see the major issues of living on Earth that will eventually come.